August 9 & 10, 1969. This date annually marks the anniversary of two nights of murder and mayhem historically called the Manson murders. Since that time the public and the media have never ceased in their fascination with this bizarre case. Newspapers, magazines and television all follow the continuing saga of Charles Manson and his followers. Countless books and motion pictures declare to document, "just what happened". To varying degrees, most fail. Today the Manson phenomenon is more sensational and startling than it was 30 some years ago.

Enter "The Manson Family."

"The Manson Family" destroys myths surrounding the incredible tale of the Manson "family." For the first time a motion picture accurately, honestly and openly explores the family's life prior to the infamous murders. "The Manson Family" is much more than an exploitation film. It interweaves the complex tale of the family and Charlie by re-enacting life at the ranch and the murders with a near-present day view of the past through the eyes of Jack Wilson, fictional television producer, as he interviews aged family members for a contemporary and upcoming TV special. We are introduced to Charlie and the family and gain an insider's view as a young Tex is initiated into the group and ultimately becomes a willing leader. As never before, "The Manson Family" graphically depicts life in the family; the free lifestyle, the sex and drugs, which ultimately lead to violence.

But "The Manson Family" doesn't stop there. It places the Manson mythology and notorious killings in historical perspective by enacting modern mock video interviews of former family members as they reflect on the past. Through the investigative journalism of Jack Wilson we see the misinformation and tall tales sensational storytelling has created. Finally, through exhaustive research, we are reminded that truth is far more horrible than myth. If we don't understand and accept this truth of history, we may be forced to relive it.